With Daoism Philosophy and Chinese Medicine

In America, according to an October, 2009 CBS report chronic diseases such as obesity, hypertension, and diabetes and many other chronic disorders wreck our quality of life and cost a fortune. With our sophisticated disease care system, heart disease is still the number one cause of  death in the America, Cancer, is second, and Healthcare related mistakes and  drug overdose and errors in  surgical procedures that cause death are ranked as  number three!  (Dr. Barbara Starfied ,MD. a physician and health services researcher, university distinguished professor and Professor of Health Policy and Pediatrics at Johns Hopkins University provided these facts) .  America spends more than $25 trillion a year on healthcare.

In our current healthcare system, almost no time is spent discussing daily diet recommendation and lifestyle modification.  People desperately need preventative healthcare like nutrition education and high-quality personal care to find their way back to prime health.

We need well-trained professionals not only to teach people how to adopt healthier habits but guide them to cultivate inner peace in order to lead a healthy and happy life.

Living with inner happiness and a healthy mind, body and spirit longevity is not a new concept but a new stage of evolution for every individual worldwide.   And yet, our sophisticated medical technology provide limited venue   in the high demanded, highly competitive and fast speed societies.

Longevity with happiness and well being   has thrived by human being for centuries and it has been a rough road with many pitfalls.  There are many professions from all walks try to find a way for bringing longevity and well being to life by creating one standard of  measurement, one magical elixir and one method to fit all size of individual.

Wisdoms regarding longevity (Yang Sheng in Chinese) from ancient great doctors and Daoists all points to few key words: inner peace; strengthen, balance and free flow of body energy through Qi Gong  (energy exercise), meditation and simple proper natural diet.

Recent researches support that Qi Gong and meditation can restore body energy, improve sleep, sense of mental well being and improve body preferment.

As a very specialized school of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) from history, Yang Sheng (Nurturing life) in today’s terminology is Longevity and Well Being

We can see it through history that most of longevity person in the past were both in practicing TCM and Daoism in life philosophy that is live in harmony with nature.

Dr. Hu conducts her Mind body spirit Longevity coaching by following  traditional life  wisdoms  and philosophy with combination of  her  wealth in knowledge of Traditional Chinese medicine and years of practicing Yang Sheng (nurturing life)  through Qi Meditation (energy exercises through  meditation) , organ balancing  meditation, Yang Sheng practicing  and  self healing teaches.   Her coaching and teachings will level one to a new awareness that no one has before. So that a individual will discover his/her own inner strengthen, inner path to happiness, understanding own body types for  following  one’s own  intuitional path of integrated prospective life style  for  self healing, keeping inner peace and meaningful life propose, in a word: Longevity , in the three fundamental treasures of every human being possess: mind, body and spirit.

Who are the candidates can be coached:

Basically it is for people from all walks that are willing to transcendent and self discovery in   mind, body and spirit well being and longevity. No matter who has long-term emotion stress and deep guilt in the past, chronic health condition, terminal illness and survivors will find great benefits from Mind body Spirit Longevity coaching by Dr. Helen Hu

How many sections in the whole coaching:

There are 8 consistent sequential steps in the total coaching, and each step considered as each workshop. However, some workshops need 2-3 sections to accomplish.

How long each section: 60-90 minutes.

How much it cost is: $ 30 per section per person

What one need to prepare for the coaching?

  1. Wear lose and comfortable cloth and bring a extra jackets in case the temperature change or going outside with nature
  2. Bring your own drinking water or personal preferred  drinking , but no alcohol and soda beverage
  3. Bring your own pillow or pad for setting meditation, if you cannot sit down the floor, we have chair for you, or you can bring you own chair if you prefer.

Contact information:

Tel: (619) 987-6506

Email: drhuhelen@gmail.com