Chicken Herbal Soup


One Whole Organic Chicken
Astralagus: 50g 黄芪
Chinese wild yams: 30g
Cordyceps capsules: 4-6 capsules 冬虫夏草胶囊
Shitake mushrooms: 6-7 pieces 花菇
Chinese red dates: 2-4 pieces 大枣
Vegetables, as you wish
Ginger and salt

Cooking instruction: put Cordyceps capsules (4-6) inside of the stomach of the chicken and add all of the other herbs and ingredients, with water. Cook at a moderate temperature for 2 – 4 hours, while drink the broth and take some of the broth and save for later use. And continue adding water in the pot to cook the chicken to make more broth until the whole chicken falls apart. Drink the soup and eat the meat as you wish. You can also use the broth as a base for other
kinds of soups.

Note: this soup can help people to restore their energy, immune system, and it has been helping many people from chronic disorders, post surgery recovery, people with current chemotherapy or after chemo and for health individual for prevention, well being and longevity.