Daily Diet Reference for Hypertension

One serving of Super-green protein powder (from Henry’s Market)
Fresh blue/blackberries
Pine nuts (Costco)
Two spoons of non-fat yogurt (Mountain High)
Blend all together (to yield about 12 oz.)

Two pieces of walnut-sized protein (fish, tofu, or other organic protein)
1-1.5 lbs. of any fresh green vegetables (slightly cooked – either steamed or stir-fried)

Healthy grains:
black rice, black beans and other kinds of dark-colored grains

Vegetable soup with protein (seafood, chicken, pork or tofu), with healthy grains

Daily drink:

  1. Chrysanthemum Flower, Hawthorne Fruit, and Green Tea.
  2. Celery Juice: It has been used in China to help reduce cholesterol and lower blood pressure
  3. White Chrysanthemum Flower tea: for clearing heat, headache, red eyes, bitter taste in mouth related to heat (toxins) in upper body

Soup for Hypertension Patients

  1. Seaweed (kelp) 20 g, celery 100 g, rice 250g, very lean pork (cut into very small pieces), salt, and ginger. Cook until rice becomes very soft.
  2. Seaweed & mung bean soup: Seaweed (kelp) 40 g, mung beans 60 g, spices, and water. Cook together until beans open and become soft.
  3. Five-flavor soup: a piece of seaweed, celery 50 g, 1 tomato, 10 water chestnuts, half of an onion, and water (or soup broth, you like). Cook together until all ingredients are soft. Add salt, ginger, and spices.

Salad for Hypertension

  1. One bitter melon: take out seeds and cut into very small pieces. Rinse with boiling water, and then put in cold water until it cools. Drain and add salt, sesame oil, ginger oil, or other spices that you like.
  2. Fresh seaweed (kelp), celery 100 g, all cut into pieces. Rinse with boiling water. Drain and add salt, sesame oil, ginger oil, or spices that you like.


  1. Fresh fruits: Limit intake (because too much sugar in fruit), but do not eliminate.
  2. Fresh vegetable juice: blend bitter melon, turnips, beets, and 2 pieces of fresh ginger


  1. Walking, bicycling, or any other kind of cardiovascular exercise in moderation, depending on your body’s tolerance/capacity.
  2. Stretch daily. Stretch in the morning when you wake up, and as much as possible during the day.


  • Hot and spicy food.
  • Fried and greasy food
  • Sweet food
  • Too much raw food
  • Too much fruit juice (too much sugar)
  • Types of grains that benefit you:
  • Black/dark rice, black beans, and black sesame seeds, oatmeal, Chinese pearl barley, millet