Chinese Wisdom for Yang Sheng

Helen H. Hu, Medical Degree, OMD

  1. Keep silent in order for Nourishing Qi, closing eye to restore blood, sleeping early to rejuvenate essence and keeping inner peace to raise spirit.
  2. Fame seeker injury the lungs, unlimited sexual play exhausts Kidney, obsessive pursuing wealth damages Liver, rich food damps spleen, unlimited leisure weakens the heart.
  3. Those who has weakened lung should avoid being known; those with aged kidney should turn away promiscuous activities, those with a stagnated liver should give away wealth (generosity), one should be on simple diet when stomach weak, and with a weak heart, one should avoid stay in bed long.
  4. Eating less in adding healing, increasing sleep in saving energy, relaxing in nourishing body, slowing moving in preserving shen (mind).
  5. Movement to strengthen Yang (energy) for guarding body, resting to aid Yang for healing body (during the sickness); movement can generate the Yang, yet can disperse it, resting can preserve the Yang, and yet can injury the Yang. It all depends where to find the balance point.
  6. One who exhausted in searching cure for his healing should turn inside to ask own heart for seeking the cause for result. For knowing the cause, one can properly find the answer for healing. The wise is the one who seek the healing among the regrets. When body unable to heal, ask heart for more strength. A true honest heart can break the impossible as the saying where is the will, there is the will, so is the healing process.
  7. Confucius teaches: As young body still developing, it processes less Yin essence but abundant outer Yang energy, So that avoid sexual activity in order to guard the precious essence. Youngster should be guided for education; then, middle age will be wise and Yang Sheng for the following years to a graceful long life. It is said to follow the law of Yin and Yang of the Universe.
  8. Observe the naturals to compare with body for the proper of guarding health before becoming sick. When the sky Qi (energy) is descending, then there will be rain. Rain drops form flood when there is no proper drains. It is the same process to apply body with forming edema ( body energy decline first, then body start to retain water, if no proper care to discharge the water, there will be edema). So that it can be treated by warm and draining remedies. When Sky Qi is raising, cloudy fly high with no path to return earth, there will be drought; it is the same with body when there is bloating and Qi stagnation ( qi raising without way out become stagnated and bloated, long term stagnation lead to heat that will consume water in the body to cause dry skin, dry hair and dry organs). Cooling and moisture remedies should be applied. Natural phenomena teaches us to understand how body works, and know the cause of a event so we can directly stress the root.
  9. Choose work that you love to do or a hobby you enjoy.
  10. Find a happy life companion.11.A healthy sex life!