by : Dr. Helen Hu

Body Without Mystique – iPad Format

Published Date : 04/01/2011

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: English

: 9 x 5.9 x 0.7 inches
: English
: 978-1427650788


Return to nature, and humans and nature are one, represent the core philosophy of this book on the use of diet therapy to restore the body’s energy and empower it for well-being and longevity. If we understand the law of nature, body is the same without mystique. In the wisdom from thousand years history of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dr.Helen Hu explains how body and healing closely connected to the nature with answer for something that we cannot and still confused from high technology today. why a person can eat something years ago, but sensitive and allergy to it today; Why someone after joining Raw food society or after practicing vegetarian diet, instead of losing weight, but gain more; Why salad is good, but for every one; how body gain weight , how body detoxify itself and why hormone therapy against the law of the nature… . One of the most important thing is that one should know what is your body constitution? Different body constitution should chose different diet accordingly for well being. Also one should know that diet has to be modified according to the stage of life, the different season, and what current medical condition. By choosing the appropriate food that nourish body and balancing emotion according to the color of the food, that taste of the food, the temperature of the food , the energy of the food, the direction of the food and which organ the specific food targeting and much more. Once you understand the basic nature of the body in the wisdom of Chinese Medicine and nature , it make a lot of sense and you will know how to heal and maintain well being yourself.

Author Information

Dr. Helen Hu, originally from Beijing China, has studied Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) since the age of 12. A Cardiologist and Practitioner of integrated medicine for 9 years
she immigrated to the United States in 1991. In 1997 Dr. Hu passed the “United States Licensing Medical Exam” while simultaneously obtaining her Oriental Medical Degree (OMD). Dr. Hu currently directs and manages a successful TCM practice in San Diego. She lectures locally on Acupuncture and the benefits of combining Eastern / Western styles of Medicine.

Dr. Hu is a specialist in Herbal medicine, nationally licensed in Acupuncture and has a Philosophy of life structured around Oriental traditions. She utilizes her expertise in these treatments along with a passion and wisdom for Longevity to treat a variety of health conditions.

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