Promoting Health with the Wisdom of Chinese Medicine

Dr. Helen H. Hu

Raised in a traditional family in Beijing, China, Dr. Helen Hu has studied Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) since the age of 12. During her studies Dr. Hu was fortunate to have several great TCM masters as her teachers, who helped her establish a strong foundation in the practice of Chinese medicine. She also gained invaluable experience at an early age by treating local farmers and villagers in the rural countryside during the Cultural Revolution

After high school, Dr.Hu went on to study Western medicine at the prestigious Hebei Medical School. At Hebei, Dr.Hu was able to fuse her background in Chinese medicine with the principles of Western medicine, thereby enhancing her medical technique and understanding. While practicing Western medicine for 9 years in China, Dr.Hu became the Chairman of the Department of Cardiology at Hebei Hospital, as well as the President of the Hebei Young Physicians’ Association

Upon immigrating to the United States in 1991, Dr.Hu began conducting clinical research on Cancer and other autoimmune diseases, and also become involved in a variety of clinical trials that were published in several renowned academic journals. In 1997 she passed the USMLE (United States Medical License Exams), and subsequently began to formally study the practice of Chinese medicine. Dr. Hu graduated with a degree in Oriental Medicine (OMD) at South Baylou University and became a licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist on both the National and State of California Boards of Acupuncture and Herbology

Dr.Hu has a broad prospective and diverse background that ranges from clinical research to medical treatment, and from Western medicine to Chinese medicine. She leverages her expertise, along with her passion and drive, to help all those who seek treatment or simply want to maintain their health and wellness. As your trusted health advisor, Dr.Hu will guide you towards the right diet and lifestyle to help you achieve greater energy, balance of body and mind, and well-being and longevity. Dr. Hu  focus  on reaching out  to community and school to teach the public the natural ways to well being