Chinese Wisdom for Yang Sheng

Chinese Wisdom for Yang Sheng Helen H. Hu, Medical Degree, OMD Keep silent in order for Nourishing Qi, closing eye to restore blood, sleeping early to rejuvenate essence and keeping inner peace to raise spirit. Fame seeker injury the lungs, Read More →

TCM food therapy for Immunity

Chicken Herbal Soup   One Whole Organic Chicken Astralagus: 50g 黄芪 Chinese wild yams: 30g Cordyceps capsules: 4-6 capsules 冬虫夏草胶囊 Shitake mushrooms: 6-7 pieces 花菇 Chinese red dates: 2-4 pieces 大枣 Vegetables, as you wish Ginger and salt Cooking instruction: Read More →

Daily Diet Reference for Hypertension

Daily Diet Reference for Hypertension Breakfast: One serving of Super-green protein powder (from Henry’s Market) Fresh blue/blackberries Pine nuts (Costco) Two spoons of non-fat yogurt (Mountain High) Blend all together (to yield about 12 oz.) Lunch: Two pieces of walnut-sized Read More →
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