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Hello I am Dr. Helen Hu.  I am the Author of three books;

1. Body Without Mystique which is about Promoting your good health using the wisdom of Chinese Medicine.
2. Chinese Food Therapy Rx for Self Healing (volume I)
3. Chinese Food Therapy for Beauty and Longevity (volume II)

Volume One is so comprehensive it had to be written with the chapters being offered separately. It includes thousands of recipes, art and photos organized by body system followed by Chinese Medicine pattern diagnosis.

Using this design you can chose the right food therapy for treating the root cause of your dis-ease.  For example, if you are diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure;

1. Get the chapter on Circulatory Diseases.
2. Under Cardiomyopathy and Congestive Heart Failure match your symptom to Chinese Medicine Pattern Diagnosis.
3. Finally, use the recipes provided.

Chinese Food therapy can assist regular medical treatment, but more importantly it should be used for maintaining and prevention of dis-ease.

Volume II, is the book for Beauty and Longevity. It not only entertains hundreds of recipes for physical beauty and wellbeing but encyclopedias all possible methods and concepts of thousands of years of wisdom from mankind in Mind, body and Spirit.

You can download a complimentary Introduction to both Volume One and Volume Two which will give you a complete understand of what each book is about and how the information can help you.

Dr. Helen H. Hu. OMD, L.Ac San Diego Wants You To Know

Dr. Hu grew up in a traditional, cultured and educated family in Beijing City of China, however due to the political and cultural revolutions of the time which caused severe anxiety and uncertainty among the populist, Dr. Hu’s family encouraged her to study Traditional Chinese Medicine as means of carrying on the culture and developing a skill that would provide an asset for society and her future.

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